Gardening Basics: Choosing the Best Fertilizer

Before you begin plowing up land for planting, let me tell you more about choosing the right fertilizer. Follow the advice and get ready to harvest vegetables.

3 Important Reasons To Have Your Land Surveyed Before Using It For Farming Purposes

11 April 2017
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When you invested in the property you now have, you may not have known that eventually, most of it would be used for agricultural purposes. As a farm owner who is growing your crop base and pasture land even further across the land you have, it is always a good idea to have the land surveyed. You may be questioning why this would be necessary of the land was surveyed back when you invested in it, but if it has been a while, there are very good reasons to do so. Read More …

3 Spare Parts That Every Dingo Mini-Excavator Owner Should Have

10 March 2017
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Dingo mini-excavators are an increasingly popular sight in rural, agricultural, and construction settings across the United States. Designed and manufactured in Australia, as the name would suggest, these machines may be small but they certainly make up for that in durability and performance. If you're a landscape or construction contractor who is considering buying or has just bought a Dingo mini-excavator, then you'll need to ensure that you've got the right spare parts to go with it. Read More …

Tips To Reduce Corn Stover On Your Farm

15 August 2016
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If you are a relatively new farmer who has been processing corn crops for only a few years, then you may be surprised to notice an increase in the amount of waste, or stover, that builds on your farmland once your combine is used to remove the corn. Stover is a combination of corn stalks and leaves that can be good for the soil. The residue can decompose and help with the rebuilding of organic compounds, like nitrogen, that feed new crops. Read More …

How To Choose A Pair Of Boots That Will Take You From Stall Mucking To The Saddle

14 March 2016
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Boots are without a doubt the preferred footwear of equestrians everywhere, but the boots that are best for riding aren't always the best for mucking stalls, stacking hay, and other barn chores. Don't you wish you could just slide on one pair of boots to take you from stall mucking to the saddle? It will take some careful shopping, but there are boots out there that will do the trick. Look for these characteristics: Read More …

Straight Load Or Slant Load? Which 2-Horse Trailer Style Is Best For You?

10 September 2015
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Years ago, almost all 2-horse trailers were straight load style, which means the horses stand next to one another, often with a partition dividing the right and left sides. In recent years, however, some trailer manufacturers have begun selling 2-horse slant load trailers, in which one horse stands in front of the other and there is a partition at an angle dividing the trailer into "front" and "back" halves. The recent popularity of slant loads does not mean straight loads don't still have their place. Read More …

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Gardening Basics: Choosing the Best Fertilizer

If you walk into a home and garden shop asking for a bag of fertilizer, be prepared to answer a couple of questions. That's because not all types of fertilizers are equal. I learned that lesson the very first year I planted my backyard garden. My goal was to grow vegetables, so I didn't need fertilizers that were intended to help flowers grow. I did need a product that would add certain nutrients to the soil that were not currently present. Fortunately, the owner of the local feed shop asked me a few questions and was able to direct me to a product that was right for my needs. Before you begin plowing up land for planting, let me tell you more about choosing the right fertilizer. Follow the advice and get ready to harvest enough vegetables to feed your family and still give some away to friends.