Different Cattle Equipment You Should Have In A Ranch

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Different Cattle Equipment You Should Have In A Ranch

19 August 2022
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Cattle farming is a lifelong tradition passed down through generations. However, modern cattle keeping is aided by growing technology that makes the entire process a breeze. A good ranch should have some of the best cattle equipment, which this article explores. 

Squeeze Chutes

Cattles, especially bulls, can grow into sheer sizes, making it hard to handle them. A squeeze chute makes it possible for a few people to handle big bulls for procedures like ear and nose piercing or checking their dental condition. Chutes are strong and can restrain even the strongest bull on a ranch. For calves, you should opt for calf tables that work similarly. Both of these pieces of equipment are comfortable enough for the cattle to sit still. 

Cattle Feeders

Although it's advisable to let the cattle roam freely on the ranch, some situations might hinder this, forcing you to contain them in one place. Maybe the cow has just delivered and requires time to bond with the newborn, or it's a new cow on the ranch, so confiding them into one space is crucial. A cattle feeder will ensure the confined cow gets access to food without leaving the ranch. 

Cattle Waterers

You'd be surprised how much water cows take a day. Consumption is even higher when living in hot areas like Texas. Having cattle waterers is the easiest way of keeping them hydrated and in prime condition. Cattle waterers come in different shapes and sizes, allowing for different water capacities. 

Loading Chute

Moving cows isn't for the faint-hearted and requires a lot of coordination. Besides having a team to assist, you should have a loading chute that enables you to transport them easily. A loading chute comes equipped with adjustable wheels to accommodate the different weights. 

Weighing Scales

Scales are perfect for weighing the cattle to determine their growth rate. Cattle weights are expensive, but you can offset the cost by seeking scale sales. You can get some of the best scales at an affordable cost. 

Cattle Guards

Using cattle guards is the easiest way to keep your cattle within a ranch. They're used in place of a gate and are very easy to use. They're heavy in size and are built to withstand harsh weather conditions. The heavy-duty material is durable and should be expected to last longer. 


Cattle equipment is perfect for ranch use since they make the work easier. They're built to last on a ranch, restrain the cattle, transport them, or confine them into enclosed spaces. Cattle equipment is expensive, but you can get decent ones by searching for cattle equipment for sale online. Contact a livestock pro if you need help with cattle equipment.

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