When Should You Seek Professional Crop Spraying Services?

Before you begin plowing up land for planting, let me tell you more about choosing the right fertilizer. Follow the advice and get ready to harvest vegetables.

When Should You Seek Professional Crop Spraying Services?

29 September 2022
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Crop spraying is the process of sprinkling or dispersing chemical treatments over your farm to keep your plants safe from harmful pests, weeds, and micro-organisms. It's a crucial exercise for your farm as it helps keep the crops healthy and improves yields. One of the most effective ways of protecting your crops is by seeking professional crop spraying services. The following are reasons to seek professional crop spraying services.

If You Have a Large Farm

In most cases, spraying pesticides on your small backyard garden is an easy exercise, as there are no issues with maneuvering. However, the task gets complex, time-consuming, and energy-intensive if you have a large farm. Moreover, you may not be able to adequately access all farm areas with a simple hand spray. Professional crop spraying companies have all the necessary equipment that ensures effective, fast, and effortless pest control. For example, they use self-propelled sprayers fitted with flotation tires or row cropped wills that allow them to move around within a short time. The machine uses a Global Positioning System (GPS) technology and auto boom height sensors that enable it to access and accurately spray all areas of your farm. Other equipment used by professionals for large-scale crop spraying include trailed crop sprayers, quad bike sprayers, knapsacks, agricultural aircrafts, and boom sprayers.

When You Don't Know What's the Cause of a Problem

Different organisms destroy crops, including locusts, bugs, aphids, weevils, and termites, among many others. It's challenging to address an infestation without knowing the exact type of chemicals to use. Thus, you should seek the services of professional crop spraying companies. They have knowledge and experience in handling different kinds of infestation. They'll inspect the farm and choose the right type of fungicide, insecticide, pesticide, or any other appropriate treatment. They also ensure that the choice of treatment doesn't contaminate the crops with harmful chemicals that would make them unsafe for consumption. 

When You Need to Comply With Regulations

Crop spraying exposes the environment to chemicals, some of which are harmful. To protect the environment, the United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has a set of laws and regulations that aims to control farm activities, including crop spraying, to protect the environment and people. For example, when spraying pesticides and other treatments, workers should have protective clothing, and engineering controls such as tractors should be fitted with air circulation systems and enclosed cabs. The regulations also relate to pesticide limits on a farm, restricted areas for using the land, and how to dispose of the chemicals after use. Failure to adhere to those guidelines results in legal sanctions such as fines or banning the consumption of your crops. Professional spraying services understand the regulations and make the exercise simple and safe.

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